The Initiative

Details regarding the OpenRobotHardware initiative.
Open Robot Hardware

Open Robot Hardware is intended to serve as a resource for efforts focusing on open source mechanical and electrical hardware, with a particular focus on projects that may be useful in robotics applications, robotics research and education.

The website has two main functions: hosting materials for the different projects (e.g. CAD files, tutorial documents, and videos), and linking to externally-hosted projects that are relevant to the topic. There are 48 projects that are currently hosted or linked to by the website, and we invite you to look through them for your research and teaching activities.

  • Linked Projects

    48 projects: from robot arms and hands to aerial vehicles and educational robots.

  • Hosted Projects

    2 open source projects.

  • Members

    105 students, professors, hobbyists, makers.

Fully Hosted Projects

A list of featured projects from the OpenRobotHardware community!

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