Linked Projects

Robot Arms and Hands

Clam Arm – A low-cost 7 degree of freedom arm manipulator with corresponding software built in the Correll Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder. [External Link]

Easy Hand – A low-cost, simple, underactuated robot hand developed by the Helping Hands Lab at the University of Northeastern. [External Link]

MeArm – The MeArm project aims to bring a simple Robot Arm well within the reach and budget of the average educator, student, parent or child. [External Link]

ModGrasp – An open-source rapid-prototyping framework for designing low-cost sensorised modular grasping hands from Ålesund University College. [External Link]

Natural Machine Motion Initiative (NMMI) – is a place to meet, discuss and share ideas of Soft Robotics, to understand and build robots that move like you. [External Link]

OpenBionics – An open-source initiative for the development of affordable, light-weight, modular robot hands and myo-electric prosthetic devices. [External Link]

Open Hand Project – The aim of this initiative is to make robotic prosthetic hands more accessible to amputees.[External Link]

Pneuflex – Pneumatically actuated, compliant robotic hand made from reinforced silicone rubber from TU Berlin. [External Link]

Yale OpenHand Project – Customizable, 3D-printed, adaptive robotic hand from Yale University. [External Link]

Humanoid Robots

DARwIn-OP – Miniature humanoid robot currently used in the RoboCup competition. [External Link]

Hello Robo – Open source humanoid robots that can be replicated using a desktop 3D printer. [External Link]

iCub – Humanoid robotics platform used for research in cognition and human-robot interaction. [External Link]

InMoov – The first life size humanoid robot you can 3D print and animate. [External Link]

NimbRo-OP – Humanoid open robotics platform. [External Link]

Poppy Project – An open-source humanoid platform based on robust, flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. [External Link]

Salvius – An open-source humanoid robot built from recycled parts. [External Link]

Aerial Vehicles

Drone It Yourself – A project that offers you the opportunity to turn any object into a drone, simply by attaching four motors and a control unit – no technical know-how needed. [External Link]

Ground Vehicles

Arduino Robot – An open source mobile platform based on the Arduino microcontroller. [External Link]

Balanduino – An open source balancing robot platform that can be programmed and controlled with ease. [External Link]

KM-Robota – A private robotics research lab, with developments intended for the industrial setting, capable to market its own innovation. [External Link]

Tekkotsu – Chiara Robots – Open Source Tekkotsu-Supported Robots You can Buy or Build. [External Link]

TurtleBot – Wheeled, Kinect-equipped, robotics platform built on the Kobuki mobile base. [External Link]

Veter – Customizable, 3D-printed robotics vehicle for mobile research. [External Link]

Zumy – A small scale tracked mobile robot design that can be easily developed using off-the-shelf components. [External Link]

Legged Robots

Aracna – 3D-printable legged robot from Cornell University. [External Link]

Metabot – A robotics, legged, DIY, open-source platform, that can be used to teach robotics or programming. [External Link]

OpenRoACH – An open-source, folded, hexapedal robot mechanism that has two degrees of freedom powered by an inexpensive, commercially available gearbox. All of the parts for the robot can be made on a laser cutter. [External Link]

Project Biped – A dynamically balanced, bipedal, robot that can be built using off the shelf hardware and an inexpensive 3D printer. [External Link]

Swarm Robots

Jasmine (SwarmRobot) – Micro-robotics platform for swarm research. Originally from the University of Stuttgart. [External Link]

Kilobot – A small mobile robot platform for swarm research from Harvard University. [External Link]

Underwater Robots

OpenROV – Robotic submersible for underwater exploration. [External Link]

Haptics and Teleoperation

HapKit – Single DOF high fidelity haptics device from Stanford University. [External Link]

Phantom Omni 2D Joystick – An inexpensive and relatively easy alternative to designing a haptic joystick from scratch, for the Phantom Omni haptic device. [External Link]

ROBOPuppet – An initiative providing directions to create inexpensive, table-top sized models of robots to provide teleoperate input control to full sized robots. [External Link]

WoodenHaptics – An initiative providing directions to fabricate your own grounded spatial haptic device based on an open source design. [External Link]

Actuators and Design Kits

Open-Source Syringe Pump – A syringe pump manufactured using an open-source RepRap 3-D printer and readily available parts. [External Link]

Soft Robotics Toolkit – The toolkit focuses on developing better instructional kits for hands-on design courses. A soft robotics focus was added to connect student projects with the cutting-edge robotics research. [External Link]


Fingertip Laser Sensor – A laser mouse sensor integrated for use as a fingertip sensor from University of Bremen. [External Link]

Takktile – Inexpensive, sensitive tactile sensors based on MEMS barometers from Harvard University. [External Link]

PX4 Autopilot – An independent, open-source, open-hardware project aiming at providing a high-end autopilot to the academic, hobby and industrial communities at low costs and high availability. [External Link]

Stretchable Fabric-Based Tactile Sensing – Tactile sensor arrays that are easy to fabricate, easy to use, and inexpensive (relatively to other large tactile sensing arrays). The sensors are developed by the Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech.
[External Link]

3D Printing / CNC

FarmBot – Open-source and scalable automated precision farming machine and software package designed from the ground up with today’s technologies. [External Link]

PICCOLO – A pocket sized open source CNC-bot. Using laser-cutting, off-the-shelf hardware and Arduino, you can make your own simple 3 axis robot. [External Link]

Social Robots

Mykeepon Museum Project – An open-source modification to inexpensive commercial toys to create a high-performance and controllable robot. [External Link]

Health Robotics

Autobed – A web-controlled robotic bed developed by the Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech. [External Link]

Medical Capsule Robots – A cyber-physical design environment for medical capsule robots that aims to lower the barriers to design space exploration and to accelerate progress to prototyping. [External Link]

Educational Robots

Barobo Linkbot – A modular robot designed for use in the classroom by both teachers and students. It requires no assembly, includes software and can be used without the need for any additional programming code. [External Link]

Thymio – A small mobile robot which will allow you to discover the universe of robotics and learn a robot’s language. [External Link]